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Opposition Parties’ Requests Filed at the Republic Electoral Commission

Two official requests were filed at the Republic Electoral Commission (REC) today at noon, with the aim to clarify events of the election night and either prove or disprove suspicion of election process being rigged. Official requests were filed by the president of political movement ‘Dosta je bilo’, Saša Radulović, as well as leaders of political coalitions DS-Nova-DSHV-ZZS, Dveri-DSS and SDS-LSV-LDP.

The first request aims to establish whether non-existent and dead citizens voted; whether electoral board’s minutes from voting stations were falsified; whether extra ballots were added to ballot sack after the voting process was already over; and whether people who never voted were actually marked as having voted. REC is asked to enable each eligible voter to make an online check at REC internet presentation about the status of his/her voting, as well as to be able to check the same status for late members of their family.


At the same time it is requested that each municipality forms a mixed commission consisting of party representatives as well as representatives of REC, with the task to make this data about status of individual voting available online.

The second request aims to establish what actually happened during the election night chaos. It is apparent that at numerous voting stations electoral boards failed to follow legal procedure after voting was over, i.e.: to count the ballots, compose and sign electoral board’s minutes, give one copy of minutes to the representatives of the first four political options with most votes, and then deliver ballots in sealed sacks to REC.

This is the reason why the second request is asking for documents which will allow the clarification of the following: voters’ turnout at the election held on 24 April by hour and by voting station; establishment of the exact moment at which electoral boards signed their minutes and minutes of voting material handover; exact time at which voting results were entered from minutes into the web application; the name and last name of the person who entered this data and the location at which this was done.

Requested are also copies of minutes about the handover of the voting material from the working body to the REC coordinator, with data about the exact time of handover and data of all additional changes made in the list of voters for every voting station within Republic of Serbia 10 days before scheduled elections.

If there were no election manipulation and rigging, we see absolutely no reason for REC to refuse to accommodate all our requests.

Attached are two official requests filed with REC:

[DOCX] Request for data
[DOCX] Request for electronic access


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