Moment of Silence for Fallen Democracy: French Embassy – Saturday, 5.45 p.m, Belgrade, Serbia

Democracy and European values have died in Serbia, as well as in the whole of Balkan region. Their place has been taken by autocracy, obedient leaders, media control, manipulation of voter registries, election rigging, intimidation of citizens, crime and corruption, destruction of the rule of law, dysfunctional parlamentarism – all of it under the full support of the European Union. This destruction of democracy in Serbia does enjoy the support of the Macron government, but we are certain that it does not enjoy the support of the French people.

We are gathering in Belgrade on Saturday 2 March at 5.45 p.m. in front of the Embassy of Republic of France, the cradle of modern European democracy, to commemorate the fallen democracy and European values with the moment of silence. They fell victim to hypocritical interests of the ruling bureaucracy in France and the EU, as well as their sponsors that promote globalisation and financial control which are aimed against the sovereign European states, their democracies and their people.

During the last week, several EU officials insulted and humiliated Serbian citizens by giving their full support to president Vučić and everything he is doing in Serbia, proclaiming again that “Serbia is moving in the right direction”. This was the spit in the face of Serbian citizens who have been protesting in more than 50 Serbian cities, demanding the freedom of media and free and fair elections. EU officials came to Belgrade to send a message to the citizens of Serbia to give up the protests and give up the fight for their democracy.

French citizens, many of them wearing yellow vests, are awakening from the EU nightmare. As it was the case many times before, citizens of Serbia are standing and will be standing by the citizens of France who consider democracy and European values to be the great need of all citizens, and not just the empty political wording of EU bureaucrats and politicians in power who say one thing, and do the other. EU is not Europe. EU is the evil that supports the evil in the Balkans. Europe needs a much different project, based on democracy, European values and sovereignty of European states. Citizens of Europe will get their chance to say “no” to the EU bureaucrats in May, thus preserving their sovereignty and democracy.


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