New Red Line of Politics: FULL Transparency

Serbia needs a new political scene. It needs new left-wing. New centre. New right-wing. And new rules of the game.


The red line of politics should be drawn between what is normal and what is abnormal – not between pro-European and Eurosceptic policy.

What is normal is that left-wing, right-wing and centre parties exist, offering different policies. It is normal for some parties to think that country’s foreign policy should be turned towards East. Euroscepticism is a normal phenomenon in all European countries. Oversized European bureaucracy is a big problem for citizens of European Union, too.

Normal issues:

– the role of the state within society; relationship between the state and its citizens

– the relationship between the state and economy; from market economy to planned economy

– social policies; each to their own, or a state system of social care

– foreign policy direction of the state, from West to East

– relationship between national and civil orientations; balance between tradition and change


However, it is not normal for particracy to loot the country and to make a state for itself at our expense, within our country. It is not normal for it to usurp pensions, decrease salaries, increase taxes and protect corruption in order to finance itself. Both pro-European and Eurosceptic parties have so far proven themselves to have the same capacity for corruption, secret contracts, party nepotism, tyranny, destruction of institutions, restriction of media freedoms and purchasing of election votes.

Abnormal issues:

– how to bypass laws and the Constitution

– how to employ party soldiers

– how to fix open competitions in order to assign public work to private companies close to them

– how to hide state contracts and expenses

– how to influence media

– how to disable independent institutions to do their job

– how to keep police, prosecution and judiciary under submission

– how to purchase election votes

– how to find foreign investors to give them our money as a gift


This should be the red line of politics, not Euroscepticism. The main problem in Serbia is particracy and its parasitic party system. Citizens are the victims.

Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) is cancer on Serbia’s back. Not because SPP has a wrong ideology, but because it has no ideology at all. Because it is only and exclusively a parasite on Serbian citizen’s back. The same is true for all other parties that live at the expense of citizens on various levels of government. Decent and honest people do not make agreements with parasites. Coalitions are not made with parasitic parties. Neither pre-election, nor the post-election ones.

Serbia needs a new political culture and new political division. We need new rules of the game between government and opposition, new cast of roles within opposition, new pledges and new point of gathering.

Serbia needs a declaration of political parties against parasitic particracy. We need to make a re-count and divide normal from what is abnormal. Since words are cheep, and paper suffers everything, besides this declaration we also need something more concrete. That concrete thing is: FULL transparency.

Whichever level of government parties are ruling, they need to implement FULL transparency. This is a way to detach themselves from parasitic tendencies. Each contract that is signed should be made public and published online. The complete inventory of public property should be done and made public. Each coin spent from the public sector should be publicly accounted for. All systematizations of work positions in the public sector should be made public, with all of its criteria and guidelines for measuring efficiency. For complete public sector. Government, ministries, agencies, regional governments, departments, local municipality governments, but also all cultural, health and educational institutions, public and state companies, or in other words – for all. This is the ultimate detachment from corruption and party nepotism.

This is the red line of politics. This is the manual for how any party can transform itself from a parasite into a normal political option: implementation of FULL transparency at any level of government it is holding right now. This is something that any normal opposition to the government should be able to agree on. For political movement ‘Enough is Enough’, this is the red line of politics that we will never cross.

Serbia needs a new political scene. It needs new left-wing. New centre. New right-wing. And new rules of the game: FULL transparency.



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